Monday 29 February 2016

Review: AX&P (Adam X & Perc) Mutiny & Disorder

AX&P (Adam X & Perc)

Mutiny & Disorder

Format. Vinyl & digital

Cat.Number. Ampere&Ohm AX&P002

This is the second release from the trans-Atlantic techno duo following their 2013 debut on their Ampere & Ohm label. It's an all too brief and functional statement of intent and a reminder of their potential (recently demonstrated at gigs in London, Paris and The Netherlands). These two tracks build on the previous release but are less minimal and more dramatic. 

'Mutiny' features Adam X's tense, whispered vocals, urging us “into the battle”. The initially rigid structure is marked out by Traversable Wormhole-style space bleeps later augmented by a strange ravey sequence that seems to reveal Perc's lurking presence.

This is followed by the deeper 'Disorder', which is less obviously dramatic but richer sonically. It has a widescreen sound akin to Senking's recent cinematic soundscapes but still delivers on the dancefloor. It becomes ever more intense as it unfolds, with the icy drones and sharp, electroid zaps almost being overwhelmed by a kick that could have come from a 1990s Dutch hardcore track.

Mutiny & Disorder works as a tantalising calling card for a future album, delivering more or less what would be expected of a collaboration between these two artists but in the process adding a fresh twist to the current industrial techno sound that only these two can deliver.

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