Saturday, 22 March 2014

Review: Container - Adhesive (Liberation Technologies LTECH007)

Artist: Container
Title: Adhesive
Label: Liberation Technologies
Cat: LTECH007
Format: Digital / Vinyl

The latest release on Mute's developing Liberation Technologies label presents the work of American producer Container (Ren Schofield). The label seems like a natural home for an aggressively experimental EP that seems to acknowledge the influence of other, now historic, producers.

Opener Glaze has an almost poppy beat offset by harsher noise textures. It also recalls the work of Nova Mute artist 2nd Gen and also has a trace of the early electronic spirit of Mute.

Slush is harsher and more abrasive track with an aggressive, punky sound full of nagging details. In contrast, Complex is quite Punky in spirit, featuring raw textures and a strange niggling sound that might be a flanged voice sample. Whatever the source, it's been successfully designed to grate and to prevent things getting too linear.

The title track is based around a harsh, scouring pattern with sudden blares and bleepy details. It's a very rough and urgent track, as reflected in the media overdose theme of the video:

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