Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Review: V/A Sulla Giostra Nell’Ombra

Artist: V.A.
Title: Sulla Giostra Nell’Ombra
Label: Violet Poison
Cat: VPN005
Release: 23rd-Jan-2014
Format: 12” Vinyl Only (Transparent)

Although only on its 5th release, the Violet Poison label is already attracting strong interest. The fifth release is a suitably uncompromising compilation. While even some techno listeners will find these tracks too extreme, they sacrifice neither force nor subtlety.

O/H is Richard Oddie of Orphx and Dave Foster of Teste. Their track 'Delirium Tremens' kicks in hard from the start. Its pulsing analogue basslines have more than a trace of Pan Sonic and are offset by harsh noise frequencies, shaking loose all manner of sonic debris.

Irish producer Sunil Sharpe offers the pleasingly-titled 'Ground Skull' which is not quite as brutal as its predecessor, but equally dramatic. Built around atmospheric alarm bell frequencies, it also features a very dirty acidic noise sequence and a very abrupt ending.

'Function' by Belgraders Ontal initially sounds like it's going be a all-out assault, but while there's no shortage of fiercely dragging industrial percussion and noise, it doesn't punch through as expected, but keeps to a steady on/off beat marked by mechanical rasping and half-joyful, half-ominous chords.

CSA's 'Overture', may not be quite as confrontational or fast as the others, but it's a very intense and ominous piece – a blend of churning noise, twisted high chords and orchestral ambience with definite industrial overtones. A suitably uneasy ending to a very intense slab of vinyl.

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