Saturday, 2 November 2013

Slovak Techno set at Mor Ho!, Red Gallery, Shoreditch, November 8th.

A special 'Slovnaft mix' to round off this night of Slovak and British electronic music...

By the end of the 1990s European techno had moved from the underground to the mass market and a certain blandness was setting in. Techno DJs and listeners were starting to search for more radical and intense sounds. It was just at this point that rumours began to emerge of a club in a nuclear bunker in Slovakia where they played some of the hardest and most industrial techno yet heard. The club was Bratislava's U Club (now the Sub Club) and it would become the nucleus of a small but influential scene.Codex Europa's Slovnaft Mix is a celebration of the energy and dynamism of the Slovak techno scene and an attempt to re-construct the legendary U Club atmosphere in London. The mix will showcase the work of Slovak producers such as DJ Boss, Olga + Jozef, Loktibrada, Rumenige and more, plus remixes from their international allies. 90 minutes of some of the most rigorous, mechanical, brutal and unrelenting techno ever produced...

Helm (UK) 

Bios (SK) 
Ink Midget (SK) 
Shibuya Motors feat. Ddkern (SK/AT) 
Codex Europa (UK) 

£7 pre-sale /£9 on the door drinks: BYOB

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