Friday, 28 October 2011

Milk + Lead Party 21.10.2011

This turned out to be a very long and exhilarating night with a great atmosphere in a doomed and shadowy temporary space. I was invited to mix a soundtrack for a ritual performance and started slowly before playing an intense ritual section with four tracks running simultaneously. After this things accelerated but I was asked to play for much longer than expected and ended up following my instincts, even dropping two Laibach tracks to great effect. Thanks again to Milk + Lead for the invitation. 

Milk & Lead Party All Rights A.M.


Marcus Fjellstrom – Antichrist Architecture Management (Miasmah)
Inade Signals From 68 Dimensions ii (Cold Spring)
Alec Empire 2572 (Mille Plateaux)
Hermann Nitsch Dornenkrönung [Fortsetzung] (Vinyl-on-demand)
Inana Her Essence (Cold Spring)
Kunst Als Strafe 4000ma End Of Late Heavy Bombardement (Sleepless Records Berlin)
Autopsia Factory Rituals VI (Illuminating Technologies Archives)

Milk & Lead Party All Rights A.M.


Surgeon Dark Matter (Dynamic Tension)
B.J. Nilsen - La Petite Chapelle - Rues Basses (Touch)
Hermann Nitsch Symphony No. 9 ("Die Ă„gyptische") - 1. 1st Movement. Gewaltige Explosion (Gramola)
SRP Der Letzte Angriff des Adlers (Membrum Debile Propaganda)

Milk & Lead Party All Rights A.M.

Part 1

Surgeon Transparent Radiation (Dynamic Tension)
Casual Violence Nostrum (Utch)
TEF Molo 500 (Utch)
Deutsch Nepal We Are All Prostitutes (Old Europa Cafe)
Dean Cole Instruction (Original Mix) (Corrosion Records)
DJ Boss B1 Untitled (Mechanisms Industries)
Paul Damage The Running Machine (HOG)
Nullvektor – Rueckwirkung (Hands)
Nordcore G.M.B.H Bewegt Euch (Control)
The Peoples Republic of Europe Conveyorbelt (New Darkness Recordings)
S.K.E.T. 700.000 Tons To Wipe Out Humankind (Hands Productions)
Liquidator Hartcore Will Never Die (Control)
4D Hidden (Labworks)
Panasonic CSG-Sonic (Blast First)
MS. Gentur Feindsender (Hands Productions)
300 000 V.K. Divine Order/Zoroaster (A.M.D.G.)

Milk & Lead Party All Rights A.M.

Part 2

Benzo Summertime (Laton)
I-F I Do, Because I Couldn't Care Less (Viewlexx)
Avon 2 (65d Mavericks Remix) (Sandwell District)
Laibach Message from the Black Star (Mute)
Laibach The Hunter's Funeral Procession (Mute)
Panacea Jacobs Ladder (Position Chrome)
Rasputin Disziplin Explizit (Pflichtkauf)
Nitzer Ebb – Alarm (Mute)
D.A.F. Moschino, Heckler & Koch (Ganovenlied) (Superstar Recordings)
Kommando Amphora B2 (Bunker)
Unit Moebius Stolz (Bunker)
Pankow Follow Me in Suicide (Contempo Records)

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