Sunday, 17 July 2011

Antagony Setlist

This was a great night. Many thanks to Jose for the invitation. Antagony is a pleasure to play at. The set was divided into sub-sections and tried to create a range of atmospheres and textures before finishing in full-on dancefloor mode.

Vladimir Ussachevsky – Wireless Fantasy (Anthology of Recorded Music, Inc.)

Trace - Squadron (No U-Turn)

Problem Child – Aggressive (Position Chrome)

Panacea – Shiver (Position Chrome)

Aphex Twin Icct Hedral Philip Glass Orchestration (Warp)

Pan Sonic - CSG-Sonic (Blast First)

Brighter Death Now – Washing Day (Cold Meat Industry)

Iron Fist Of The Sun – Power of New Septembers (Cold Spring)

Einleitungszeit – Mentalkastration (Hirnlärm Laboratorium)

P.A.L. - Gelöbnis (Ant-Zen)

Umek – Untitled (Zet)

4D – Hidden (Labworks)

Caustic Window – The Garden of Linmiri (Rephlex)

Lost Generation - Where is The Youth? (Sub Terranean)

Subsonic – Destructive Reaction (Dust of Reaction)

Nullvektor – Rueckwirkung (Hands)

Greyhound – Headcheck 6.00 (Hands)

Ad Absurdum – Der Feind Mensch (Control)

DJ Ogi – Mina Urania (Beast Music)

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