Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Codex Europa Klub V.E.B. @ Connexion Bizarre webcast

My first Klub V.E.B. webcast for Connexion Bizarre went out a few weeks back. The download link has now expired but I'll post a fresh version soon.

The first half is a selection of tracks by artists from the London noise/electronic/industrial scene.

The second half is take one of my 'State Funeral' mix, a slice of post-Cold War gloom for the autumn:

Tracklist/running order:

Flint Glass - Connexion Bizarre Webcast identifier

London Noise/Industrial Electronic scene selection:

ANTIchildLEAGUE - Only One Mother
[The Father - Hagshadow]
Special Victim - Blaue Bohnen v2
Ryan Jordan - Assisted Breathing
[Noise=Noise 25.10.2008 - Noise=Noise]
Sz. Berlin - Ringmaster
[Testphase CDR - Unreleased]
John Bowers - October
[Noise=Noise 25.10.2008 - Noise=Noise]
Gerechtigkeits Liga - Funeral March (Field Recordings, London 1987 At Coldstorage 4.Vauxhall, Studio Recordings London)
[Per Ignem ad Lucem - Vinyl on Demand]

Codex Europa State Funeral mix:

Kom-Intern - Ivy Bells
[Maschinenfest 2005 - Pflichtkauf]
Laibach - Jaruzelsky
[Rekapitulacija 1980 - 1984 - NSK Recordings]
Cabaret Voltaire - The Quarry (In The Wilderness)
[Johnny Yesno (The Original Soundtrack From The Motion Picture) - The Grey Area, Mute Records Ltd.]
Throbbing Gristle - Beachy Head
[20 Jazz Funk Greats - The Grey Area, Mute Records Ltd.]
Autopsia - Night Landscape III
[Radical Machines Night Landscapes - Illuminating Technologies]
The Caretaker - Friends Past Re-united
[A Stairway To The Stars - V/Vm Test Records]
Zilverhill - Unceasing
[Latent-Active-Descent - Adeptsound, Blind Shouter]
Test Dept. - Funeral
[Materia Prima - Ministry Of Power]

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  1. Hey, that tracklist sure looks interesting. Will certainly download it when I get home. Check out also my new webcast series "Kaamoshows" at