Sunday, 30 August 2009

Codex Europa V.E.B. 40 Jahre Event Setlist

'Riot Dictator'

I have to admit that the following list may not be 100% accurate - I believe I played at least two more tracks, probably minimal techno. Even after two weeks I'm unsure what these might have been. Thanks to my fellow DJ's and to everyone who came for a superb night.

The Parallax Corporation – Whore of the Floor (Disco Sucks) (Disko B)

Sweet Reinhard – Stille Hände (Profan)

I-F – Envy (Viewlexx)

Genevieve Pasquier – Existence (Ant-Zen)

Welt in Scherben – Das Ende Vom Lied (Force Inc.)

Christian Wunsch – A1 (IM)

Nitzer Ebb – Let your Body Learn (The Hacker Remix) (Nova Mute)

[30 Minute Pre-recorded Nach Partei mix (secret formula)]

Olga + Josef – B1 (Olga + Josef)

Laibach – Les Privileges Des Morts (Kapital Cassette Version) (Mute)

Elektro – Perfect Body II (Fax)

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