Monday, 23 March 2009

Codex Europa Setlist, Terradisco 21st Feb. 2009

This was a great night when I got to play at least an hour more than scheduled to cover gaps. The CD players were surprisingly flaky but the sound was great. As the Ill FM room was located by the entrance anyone coming into the place was exposed to the Ill FM virus. The extra time meant that even more innocent kids on their way to the dubstep room got probably their first (and only?) exposure to industrial, power electronics, gabber, Slovak minimal techno and more. I was exhausted by the end, but spurred on by the dedicated legion of the damned urging me on. The SCH track was played twice... but I didn't hear any complaints! Thanks to Tamon for inviting me.

Part 1

Gustav Holst - Saturn
Panacea - We Have Never Arrived
Deutsch Nepal - Erotikon
Gerechtigkeits Liga - 7705
Sleeparchive - Continuous Tone
SCH - Nazi U.F.O.
S.K.E.T. - They Keep You In A Distracted Naive Bubble
Mindfuck - Power Luser
Ingler - C1
Rumenige - B1

Part 2 (Running order approximate)

Thomas Bangalter - Rectum
Alec Empire – Sieg Über Die Mayday HJ
XMF – Magnetic Storm
MS Gentur - Feindsender
Portion Reform - Shock Worker
Dazzling Malicious – Morphogenese
Tarmvred – Pulver
Cyberminds – Base Spatiale
Noize Creator – Nazis are a Waste of Flesh
MS Gentur – Self-construct
Tarmvred – Knarkoverdose
DJ Ogi - Bomper
Sz. Berlin – Produktionsfreude
SCH - Nazi U.F.O.
Gustav Holst - Saturn

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