Monday, 30 April 2007

Codex Europa @ Level X 1, Electrowerkz, 28.04.07.

This was my return to the fray after too long a gap. Many thanks to Gaya for the invite. This was possibly the dodgiest set up I've encountered, in a small makeshift alcove downstairs. The good side of this was that the confined space created a storming atmosphere as the night went on.

The soundcheck was fine but when it came to my first set most of it was wiped out by static and the disruption to the set up from the previous act. With help from Paul (Eva 3) my next (two!) sets went ahead amidst the general euphoric vodka-swigging, pitched-up deck-colliding mayhem.

This was a mix of EBM, minimal techno, schranz, doomcore, industrial and even Goth which worked pretty well. Some of the later ones were played back to back with Edu (I think). This was a very rough mix, but it brought me back into mixing and it was a great night (for all sorts of reasons). The order is (naturally) approximate...

Thomas Bangalter – Rectum (Roulé)

Regis – The Black Freighter (Downwards)

Black Lung - Joyful Slaughter (of the Capitalist Swine) (Nova Zembla)

Deecoy – Deadline (International Deejay Gigolo Records)

Front 242 – Felines (RRE)

The Mover – Voodoom (Tresor)

Ian J. Richardson - Staff Car B1 (Downwards)

Front 242 – Work 01 (RRE)

Thorofon – Spermicide (UMB Kollektief)

Das Bierbeben - Keiner Wird Dein Herr Sein (Shitkatapult)

Panasonic – Sähkotin (Blast First)

Rasputin – Disziplin Explizit (Pflichtkauf)

Steve Pain – Love to Hate (Matame)

Xmal Deutschland – Danthem (4AD)

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